CONFINED @ APRA|AMCOS : Art Music Awards 2013

CONFINED is a finalist in the 2013 ArtMusic Awards – Award for Excellence in a Regional Area. Writing, performing and producing a work of scale in remote Australia created a range of opportunities, as much as it did challenges, that I believe made it a truly unique project. What a tremendous achievement, honour and recognition for the opera.

Special thanks to everyone who worked and contributed to the Old Gaol iteration in Alice Springs, June 2012. All the amazing local and interstate artists, with a particular mention to Barton Staggs and Sofie Loizou (Co-Composers) who developed the score with me over three years; Anthony Mannix (Visual Artist) who inspired and licensed excerpts of Journals of a Madmen for the libretto; Ben Ward (Video Artist) for his perseverance; Kieren Sanderson (Associate Producer) who’s tireless support began during a cup of tea in 2009 when the spark ignited. And to Younes Bachir (Director), who was bold enough to join me in telling this story; who provoked me to take risks with making visions a reality.

I would also like to acknowledge TheĀ Arrernte Traditional Owners of Mparntwe, Alice Springs. A place where there are so many sites of importance and cultural significance; a very important aspect to the making of CONFINED. Living in Alice Springs is a truly extraordinary experience.

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