Bharat Rang Mahotsav Theatre Festival, Delhi, India

January 7, 2013.

Dedicated to Amanat, RIP.

Confined was invited to be a part of the Bharat Rang Mahotsav Theatre Festival 2013 program. The largest theatre festival in Asia, the Indian Festival hosts both national and international works in Delhi, annually.

Myself and Younes Bachir traveled to, and presented a unique version of Confined to Delhi audiences as an Operatic Song Cycle / Performance Installation.

The week leading up to the performance, we met and collaborated with Indian artist, performance catalyst, director, and designer Abheesh Sasidharan. Abheesh worked with us on new video design elements in the work – previously recorded whilst in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, at the Old Cellular Gaol in Port Blair. Abheesh also helped in finding five local actors for the show, as well as being a wonderful translator/communicator – when at times it was needed :)

We got to work closely with the carpenters of the National School of Drama, where they custom built the set design concept for the installation. As well as the incredible technical team of the Festival.  The remarkable Kieren Sanderson also joined the team again in the capacity of production support. Kieren has been in India for the last six months working on the Australian Cultural Festival – OzFest.

Myself and Younes are looking to return to India to develop a new collaborative work that will extend and develop these exciting relationships.

Directed: Younes Bachir

Producer: Tammy Brennan

Soprano: Tammy Brennan

Composers: Barton Staggs, Tammy Brennan, Sofie Loizou

Design Concept: Younes Bachir and Tammy Brennan

Video Design and Catalyst: Abheesh Sasidharan

Video Artists: Ben Ward, Aleksei Vanamois, George Evatt, Tammy Brennan

Production Assistant: Kieren Sanderson

Actors: Supriya Babbar, Vishal Sharma, Kritika Pande, Ashima Sharma, Manish Jalui

A very special thank you to Younes Bachir, the Festival, the National School of Drama and Festival Technical Team.

This performance was supported in part by Arts NT.

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